Shane Murphy – Telogic Group Sweden

Shane Murphy work history for Telogic Sweden.

Telogic Sweden is a national licensed operator based in Sweden and has an interconnect agreement with E-Plus. The company was purchased by Shane Murphy and Jeff Mason. Telogic group had mounting debts and was in danger of total collapse when shane Murphy was approached take over the failing company and rebuild it.  Shane Murphy took an instant liking to the company due to its assets and ability to further his aspirations to build a global network.

Shane Murphy camped out in Telogics offices in Malmö Sweden for around 2 months and funded the company to prevent it from going in solvent. They risked their own cash to save the company and the employees their jobs. The company was purchased out of administration and funds were injected into the company to redevelop the brands and rebuild customer base and the company was re-named Limitless Mobile which then became parts of the Limitless Mobile group in the USA.

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