Shane Murphy – Keystone Wireless (USA)

How did Shane Murphy successfully help Keystone Wireless? Keystone Wireless with its brand name IMIX was created by a group of investors around 15 years ago.

Limitless Mobile, LLC, doing business as Immix Wireless, provides broadband and wireless telecommunication services in rural counties in central Pennsylvania. Limitless Mobile, LLC was formerly known as Keystone Wireless, LLC and changed its name to Limitless Mobile, LLC. The company was founded in 2004

It was part of a huge investment group owning multiple brands and MOM and POP telecoms licensed operators in the USA. The company developed and built a local network within Harrisburg Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. The investor groups decided to stop funding in 2012 and the business fell into hard times.  Mr Murphy, originally from Cambridge, who was living in the Bahamas at the time was told about the failing company and was invited by Keystone’s investor group headed out by Richard Worly to present a bail out deal/merger to a new investor group that Mr Worly had pulled together.

Mr Murphy successfully secured funding $49,000,000 and the purchase of Keystone Wireless by Shane’s company Limitless Mobile. This acquisition also, included further acquisitions from Limitless Mobile of IPSI solutions in the Bahamas, Telogic Group.

Shane Murphy